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Oct 30, 2017

Howard Katkov is doing something that’s never been done in the ski industry with his “Fight the Man, Own the Mountain Campaign.” He started as a surfer then became a student, lawyer, developer, manufacturer, corporate executive and for over a decade, he’s   been the owner of RED Mountain.  Now, he’s creating the opportunity for everyone to own a piece of what he and many others think is the best skiing in North America.  Find out his story and all about owning RED.

Howard Katkov Show Notes:

2:15:  Growing up and surfing

5:15:  High School without his parents and skiing

6:35:  College, Law School

10:00: Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:34:  Starting a Law Firm right out of Law School and then starting a development firm and doing huge deals and then the 1990’s hit

14:09:  The Makeup business, selling to Estee Lauder and going to work for them

17:40:  Skiing and life at that point

19:24:  How did he hear about RED Mountain, going there and buying property

20:51:  RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe

22:00:  Rossland and the community and the mountain

25:26:  What made him buy RED Mountain? How did the locals react?

31:04:  What projects has he completed at RED since he bought it?

33:20:  The consolidation of the ski industry and how they make their money

38:33:  Fight the Man, Own the Mountain

Oct 23, 2017

Nate Bozung was once the young buck on Forum Snowboards who oozed style.  He fully embraced the rockstar lifestyle and rode with it.  Nate created brands, owned companies, traveled the world, blew money, and lived the drinking life to the fullest.  Now, Nate is back in Utah, living a life of moderation (for Nate) and figuring out what to do next.


Nate Bozung Show Notes:

1:30:  What is Nate up to now, going to a wedding and snowboarding 

4:00:  Growing up in CA and being Mormon

7:21:  Team sports, skiing, and skateboarding 

9:38:   Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:31:  Moving to Utah and meeting with Jordan Mendenhall

13:02:  Getting into snowboarding getting noticed and getting on Forum

15:00:  What were the Forum days like?

16:43:  How teams and snowboarding has changed

19:00:  Super model types that he’s into and Hollywood

22:28:  How do things end with Forum?

24:34:  RESQWATER is Proactive Recovery.

25:00:  Nate doing it on his terms

27:53:  Nate at contests and video parts:  True Life

30:26:  TechNine and DC and how much is he making as a pro snowboarder

33:17:  Quitting DC and being stuck in Canada

35:27:  When does he become Boznutz and Matty Ryan

38:15:  Getting robbed in Russia

39:54:  Tattoos and Drugs

44:18:  The reality tv show that never made it to tv

46:50:  Greece, Barcelona, NYC and Alcohol

49:35:  What are people’s reaction to Nate

51:09:  Mental hospitals and losing his house

55:00:  His social media persona and how friends and family react?

57:38:  Rehab and being judged

61 :23:  What is next for Nate?









Oct 16, 2017

Scott Stevens is one of the most creative snowboarders out there and his skills on a trampoline are second to none.  He’s not a household name but he should be.  Instead, he’s a blue-collar snowboarder who is comfortable in front of the camera, not crowds.  I caught up with Scott at High Cascade Snowboard Camp to talk about his life and career. 

Scott Stevens Show Notes

2:27:  Scott’s history at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and who influenced him

4:00:  Who rides like him in snowboarding

6:25:  Defenders of Awesome and innovating every year

8:07:  Who is he inspired by today:  Cole Navin

9:06:  Sponsors for Scott today:  Capita, Smith, 32, Coal, Union, Magical GogoTheory Skateshop

10:10:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:44:  Growing up in Massachusetts and family

12:36:  Played baseball year-round through high school

14:00:  His dad takes him for lessons at Mt Tom

15:00:  The Capita team

16:00:  Did he ever ski? And how did snowboarding take over

17:52:  Skateboarding and eating habits and working out

18:50:  OCD, hockey tempers and using cameras

21:11:  RESQWATER is Proactive Recovery.

21:54:  Who is Scott in High School?  Does he know he wants to be a pro and how often is he riding?

25:54:  Mini Shredding and it wasn’t looked at as that cool

26:27:  When did sponsors happen for him and the growth of social media and being an early adopter to internet videos

29:42:  Moving to Utah and now in Portland

32:33:  Injuring his shoulder again and beating up your body

34:40:  His trampoline skills and self-motivation.  Here is an edit

37:25:  Money, partying, and the industry

41:01:  The nickname Sleepy

42:11:  What’s to expect this season

Oct 9, 2017

Scot Schmidt is a legend in mountain towns across the globe.  He blazed a trail that inspired generations of skiers and created a way for ski athletes to monetize their talents outside of competition.    From learning to ski in Montana to moving to Squaw Valley with the goal of making the US Ski Team…. Skiing was “It” for him.   When money became a barrier to making the team, found himself shooting with local photographers and, eventually, traveling the world in the pursuit of good snow.

1:25:  What is Scot Schmidt up to in the offseason

3:00:  Growing up in Montana and how he got into skiing and skateboarding

5:45:  Joining the Bridger Bowl Ski Team, competitiveness, and HS

9:45:  What his parents think of him choosing to ski over everything else

11:18:   Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

12:51:  Moving to Squaw Valley with nothing

14:40:  Has he always been the quiet guy?  Did that impact his ski career?

15:45:  Racing in Squaw Valley and being the janitor for the race team

18:00:  Quitting racing and transitioning into magazine and Warren Miller films

20:20:  Products of the past and how it impacted style in skiing

23:56:   RESQWATER

24:40:  Getting a letter from Warren Miller that changes his life

26:26:  Being broke when he wasn’t traveling

29:14:  The North Face partnership, Stockli  K2 (and how the relationship fell apart)  Salomon

34:04:  Meeting Greg Stump at events and not really feeling his movies and then agreeing to do Blizzard

35:44:  Glen Plake  being a liability and his relationship with Plake

39:13:  Getting on Good Morning America and being recognized in and out of ski towns

41:16:  Is he making good money skiing?

42:50:  How did skiing impact his family life?

44:00:  Life at the Yellowstone Club, the passion of Justin Timberlake and skiing every day

47:58:  Skiers that he keeps up with today and his impact on skiing





Oct 2, 2017

John Spriggs is known for many things:  Being a professional skier for over a decade, taking his basketball height and making it work in the terrain park and backcountry and, most recently, a high-profile arrest for assault and other charges.  Fresh out rehab, John now has 6 months of sobriety under his belt and he’s trying to figure out who he really is and learning strategies of how to deal with that person.  Between the alcohol and the anger issues, it’s not going to be an easy road.  And….he hasn’t given up on his pro ski career, the question is, have sponsors and fans given up on him?   


John Spriggs Show Notes

2:36:  What I have known about Spriggs over the years:  a little overview of his career

5:02:  Born and raised Denver and then moving to Vail and how Vail has changed

7:23:  Ski Club Vail and mogul contests and then the transition to Pipe and Slope

9:20:   Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)10:25:  How long does it take to get good?

11:28:  Going full time in the world of twin tips:  X-Games and starting drinking at 14

15:30:  Filming with Poor Boys Productions and a party story that John doesn’t remember and more drinking and blackout talk

20:14:   RESQWATER

20:40:  Transitioning to TGR

21:10:  The Denver Big Air win:  Booze, money, family and police

23:40:  A ballpark on how many nights he’s blacked out and how many fights has he been in in his life?

25:15:  Hunter Schleper per goes on the record about his differences with Spriggs

30:30:  Injuries and other drugs

32:29:  Being a professional in the ski industry and having more sponsors than anyone along with a lot of passion for skiing

37:48:  Disagreeing on how stars are made in ski movies and his sour view on the ski industry

45:54:  Losing friends in skiing and going into a dark place and living in his truck for 3 years

49:38:  Drugs and coping and skiing at the highest level

53:40:  What happened on March 13?  Two days before the arrest

54:48:  THE CHARGES and John’s recollection of what happened that night

1:02:  What happens after Jail? Rehab, treatment, community service and 6 months clean