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Aug 28, 2017

Andy Parry is one of the more unique skiers on the planet.  He’s an innovator, a pioneer of content creation, and the one skier who knows what the kids want….and he delivers it to them via the web on a weekly basis (for 10 seasons) with the wildly successful Line Traveling Circus web series.  Find out how Andy relied on creativity more than to talent to make his pro ski dreams come true.


Andy Parry Show Notes:

2:00:  Home renovations with Andy and the relevant things that have happened with Andy lately.  None are good

5:05:  The Line Traveling Circus

7:55:  Growing up in Victor, NY with a lot of change

10:00: How was school for Andy as he was a weird kid?

11:25:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off 

12:57: How does Andy get into skiing?  The I hate NY Crew and backyard skiing  

16:20:  Andy’s persona on and problems with different crews

18:01:  Describing the skiing that Andy does

19:50:  Comparison to Rodney Mullen

20:15: (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) and RESQWATER

22:11: Emo Bogart Section outlines who Andy was in High School and what he wishes he realized in High School

24:00:  Going to Green Mountain College and meeting the Meatheads, Line and meeting Mike Nick

26:30:  Pitching the Traveling Circus to Jason Levinthal, signing with Line and Season 1

30:00:  Lots of views little money.  Does he need an agent?

33:12:  Traveling the world and doing with not as much talent as the rest

35:16:  Moving to Colorado and working at Ruby Tuesdays and Pizza Hut

36:02:  Working with Shane McFalls

37:05:  Blowing his knee jumping a fence and rehab

38:18:  Strange fan encounters with The Traveling Circus and getting noticed

39:25:  Having a lot more fun than other people

40:28:  Getting a Sprinter Van,  how gross the van gets and breaking down

42:19: Channeling his inner Plake with the Tell a Friend Tour

45:07:  The lifestyle not seen on The Traveling Circus and what he doesn’t like about who he travels with .

48:13:  Wanting to be remembered as a legend

Aug 19, 2017

Brian Aragon’s life sounded like a dream until he realized it wasn’t.  He was a world champion pro skater and his video parts were as legendary as his park skills.  He’s traveled the world many times over, had 6 Pro Model skates, and a skatepark named after him all before the age of 30…. And then he rolled away from it all to become the Inside Account Manager over at Arrow Electronics.  Find out why on the podcast


Brian Aragon Show Notes:

2:03:   What is a typical Monday for Brian and what does he do?

3:56:  Retiring in his prime

5:39:  Growing up in Brighton Colorado

7:50:  Skateboarding and Rollerblading in 1998ish

9:00:  Skating takes over in Colorado and progression

11:30:  The impact of the ASA and the pros he’s looking up to at the time

14:12:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off 

15:30:  Getting sponsored by the Skatebarn, traveling to contests

18:12:  Trying to get Brian on K2

20:14:  Qualifying for the ASA Pro Tour and focusing on skating All-The-Time

23:00:  Rookie of the Year and living on ASA checks

24:45: (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) and RESQWATER

26:00:  When does he start getting paid to skate?  The Hoedown

29:49:  The biggest contests he skated and his contest mentality and pressure

34:20:  Park skating and street skating at the highest level

35:00:  Video Parts, travel, and the video part he’s most proud of:  Game Theory

36:55:  Skating for Razors Skates

39:40:  Fan moments on the road

40:52:  Brian and the conversation around his style and judging

44:20:  Looking back on being a young kid traveling with delinquents 

45:20:  Moving to California, pro skates and school

49:01:  His thoughts on Razors getting into scooters

52:42:  Thoughts on the future of skaters still in the game

53:43:  Anything blading related in Brian’s future? 

55:18:  Brian Aragon Skatepark

56:45:  Walking away on top and starting at the bottom 

59:51:  When was the last time he skated?

Aug 14, 2017

Bryce Phillips is as modest as they come for a guy that built an empire that helped change the landscape of retail in action sports.  From his humble beginnings as a first grade entrepreneur in Oregon to his professional ski career, to the ups and downs of EVO, Bryce has earned everything he’s built.


2:15:  What is going on in Bryce’s life this week?

2:48:  Recently breaking his back

3:45:  Growing up in Roseburg, OR and what childhood was like

6:00:  Tough lessons learned as a kid that impact who he his today

8:00:  Sports as kid and how Bryce got into skiing in 5th grade

9:47:  Buying and selling stuff as a kid

12:18  Evo (special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) 

13:23:  Bryce getting in trouble when he was a kid and what made him change

14:21:  College at SPU and bringing the hustle north and setting up school to ski

16:00:  Showrooms in the dorms, internship at K2, and splitting time in Whistler

18:00:  Buying and selling in Whistler and finding Ebay

19:10:  Heavy Hitting Films, comps and managing school

21:09:  Buying houses in a crazy market

22:10:  Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off and RESQWATER

23:25:  Sponsorships that fit who Bryce is and what he wants to accomplish during his “B” ski career.   . 

25:28:  The risk, highlights, and lowlights in his ski career

28:31:  Evo as a bunch of pop up stores on the side of the road 

30:12:  Building the empire and the Great 8

33:04:  Opening a storefront and building community

34:36:  The challenges of retail and getting into real estate

35:34:  The financial crisis, its impact on Bryce, and raising funds to stay alive

38:58:  Creating The Pass Life and Evolution Projects

41:02:  The web is much more difficult than what people once thought and why retailers die

43:00:  How many hours is Bryce putting in these days and how much is he traveling?

44:40:   Who is Bryce inspired by?


Aug 7, 2017

Blake Paul came to High Cascade Snowboard Camp with his “Lick the Cat” crew this summer and Blake was the first casualty.  A dislocated collarbone forced Blake off the hill and onto the podcast.  We talk about the injury, growing up in Jackson Hole, Aaron Robinson, and getting to be a sponsored snowboarder. 

Blake Paul Show Notes

2:00:  What happened to Blake’s shoulder?

3:23:  How long has Blake been coming to Windells and HCSC?

4:27:  Who did he look up to when he was a camper?

6:15:  Scaring children at camp

8:00:  Moving from the sticks of Vermont to Jackson Hole

9:17:  How was Jackson when he arrived there in terms of being able to live compared to today?

12:05:  How his riding evolved in Jackson

12:57:  Who are Blake’s sponsors? The North Face, Dragon, GNU, Vans, Drink Water, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Bluebird Wax

13:26:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off 

14:24:  Gelande Quaffing

15:45:  How did “The Backcountry Prince” get his nickname?

17:03:  Becoming friends with Aaron Robinson and what happens when Aaron dies in Chile.

23:00: (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) and RESQWATER

24:13:  Who introduced Blake to snowboarding and how did he come up in snowboarding?

25:22:  Who was the first person to notice Blake?  Mark Carter and Bryan Iguchi

29:31:  When did he get his first cover?

30:30:  Was there any thought of college?

33:30:  Filing things that aren’t just backcountry

35:30:  His art, writing and products 

37:28:  Giving up his freedom and what he has seen on the road

39:59:  What’s next for Blake?