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This podcast is creating a living history of action sports on a weekly basis. Think ski, snowboard, skate, bike, behind the scenes players, musicians, and more.... It has all the players and gets you the details you won't find anywhere else.
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Apr 24, 2017

When it comes to Ian McIntosh, there's no flair, tricks, or showmanship... what you see is what you get.  He started skiing at age two, was digging pits in the back country at age 8 and sitting in guide meetings at 10.  Ian was born into the mountain lifestyle and this self-described “redneck” is a powerful  skier who is the epitome of what Tight Loose is all about. 

Ian McIntosh Show Notes

 2:35:   Thoughts on the Armada deal

 3:56    It’s been a great season for soul shredding

 5:28:   What he’s realized that he’s 36 years old in the ski industry related to content

 9:00:   Who Ian is in the ski industry and in life…

11:32:  Ian’s race background, his tight loose mentality, born in the backcountry

15:50:  Quitting racing and being rich on life

17:10:  Fernie to Kicking Horse to selling everything to live the eternal winter in NZ

18:08:  Moving to Whistler

18:53:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

21:00:  Dirtbagging it in Whistler

23:39:  The World Tour and the secret to success on the tour and filming

25:47:  Coming out of the closet and living with James Heim and Dana Flahr but still skiing poor

27:09:  Did the change in judging pull him off the tour?  His thoughts on the tour now

28:51:  He gets a tryout with TGR and gets a seat 

29:55:  In heli’s with Jeremy Jones and Sage

30:50:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

32:00:  Divorce and drama in 2011

34:49:  The crash that changed his skiing

36:57:  Injuries stacking up and sponsors sticking with him The North Face, Marker, Volkl, Smith

39:45:  When does human powered adventure start?  It’s all about slowing it down

42:00:  Thoughts on Julian Carr

43:39:  Being Leonardo Dicaprio’s stunt double and chilling with Tom Hardy

45:29:  Getting into speed flying

Apr 18, 2017

Kevin English went from a dream job managing athletes to a dream job managing campers/counselors, and it hasn’t been easy.  He’s lived through corporate layoffs, corporate selloffs and eventually, the drama that comes along with purchasing a passion-based project with friends.  We talk about K2, Travis Parker, buying summer camp, merging with the competition and a lot more

Kevin English Show Notes: 

 2:42:    What has Kevin been up to?  Work grinding, life grinding family grinding

 5:00:    HCSC snowboard competition and how many campers do they need each summer to succeed?

 8:20:    HCSC and Windells Sells fun….but there’s a lot more to that.

 9:27:   Kevin and my camp experiences as kids and East Cost camp legacy’s

12:20:  Riding for Simms and his first summer at HCSC

13:40:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 


15:25:  Growing up in Donner Summit and how he got into snowboarding and other sports growing up

18:07:  What does he do after High School?   

21:08:  Sugar Bowl, a lot more exciting than it read on Linked in.

22:20:  Counselor and then coach, then Head Coach at HCSC

23:09:  His K2 days:  Vashon, layoffs,

25:00:  K2 Snowboarding Rollerblading Ad and the back story

28:55:  Travis Parker

33:57:  Who’s career did he have to end (Brian Savard ) as a TM at K2?

36:00:  Who’s career did you help (Gretchen Bleiler) at K2?

37:20:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

38:55:  How did he get back into summer camp?  Running the business for Vans

40:21:  Vans is dumping camp because it doesn’t fit in the portfolio and Kevin puts a buying group together and buying camp

42:36:  Kevin leaves camp to develop real estate

40:12:  Megan and Preston leave, big changes at camp

46:50:  Getting his MBA and why he felt he had to do so

48:40:  Merging with Windells, how does that happen and the vision for the future

Apr 10, 2017

Peter Line is the visionary snowboarding icon who helped start the “Rider Owned” movement in snowboarding.  When Peter wasn’t busy creating the best team of snowboarders in the history of the sport-The Forum 8- He was creating tricks, the Backside Rodeo, that would completely change the sport.  Still a player in the sport today, Peter now spends his time out of the spotlight, designing clothing for Dakine, board graphics and pursuing his other artistic passions.


Peter Line Show Notes

 3:10:  Born in Media PA and not remembering it and the PA Bikinni team

 4:10:  What’s the morning of Peter Line look like?  Designing for Dakine and what that looks like being a remote employee

 6:00:  Everything is self-taught.  It started at Four Square in 1996

 7:19:  Growing up in Kirkland, skateboarding and what snowboarding was like in the beginning

 9:15:  What group did he hang with in High School?

10:40:   Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

12:00:  How did he get gear and things growing up.  He didn’t watch TV for an entire year.

13:20:  The crew he snowboarded with and was there any skiing in his background?

14:15:  When did he realize he was good and he was going to focus his life on snowboarding?  Division 23 Shoot

15:40:  Kurt Heine, video parts and his career taking off

17:19:  Did he start Forum and Foursquare himself?   

19:25:  The Forum 8 and making money

21:25:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

23:00:  From Blockbuster Video to making money, Mack Dawk, The X-Games and his parents pride.

25:40:  The effects of alcohol and partying on his life?

26:40:  Injuries throughout his career:  Knee, Shoulder, Arm, Foot, Back…. The injury that made him think about if the risk was worth it.

29:00:  Standout moments of his career

30:30:  When he did come to terms with not being a pro rider anymore?

31:00:  Killing Forum and Foursquare and the end of an era

33:30:  The Limo business

35:00:  What’s next?  Things he can’t talk about

35:35:  Rapping with MCA (Beastie Boys) and kissing Uma Thurman

Apr 3, 2017

Doug Bishop, the GM of is more than just a visionary in action sports.  He’s a passionate skier who is focused on building community while wearing his heart on his sleeve.  These days he finds himself behind a desk, selling the dream that is skiing in the digital world and creating a second home for skiers all over the world.  While he didn’t have a solid plan out of high school, Doug’s career blossomed into owning a piece and selling said piece of, rising to the position of GM of the site and when traveling, being one of the scariest people at the bar (in a good way…I think)


Doug Bishop Show Notes


2:33 His title and what he does at Newschoolers

4:34:  Born into skiing and being a ski racer and why every skier should wear spandex at least once


6:54:  Doing Orienteering?  A sport that kids like Doug did in Canada

8:19:  Attempting to go to Carleton University with the idea of being a writer, seeing Freeze Magazine, deciding to drop out to become a pro skier and what his family thought about that.

12:00:  High North Ski Camp

15:30:  Getting certified, coaching park skiing and helping create the Level 1 for Canada and then getting a job at Blue Mountain on the park staff and competing when not working.

17:17:  His pro career, using Newschoolers for the first time and who is Matt Harvery.

20:50: (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) and Evo (listen for special offer)

22:30:  How did the first meeting with Harvey go, what happens when he takes a job with Freeskier?

24:52:  realizing running the park was not going to happen at Blue Mountain, coming to the realization that he was losing every contest and his girlfriend leaves him and making a huge shift in life:  moving to Montreal and selling for NS.

27:00:  When did he start turning NS around with advertising dollars and then selling Newschoolers and getting paid.

29:31:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

31:00:  The big changes that they experienced once Newschoolers was owned, The good and bad.

33:13:  The latest acquisition has Doug working in print as well as digital.  What he learns from print and what they take from him. 

34:26:  What marketers need to know

36:04:  When Doug feels print is more important than digital

37:48:  His antiestablishment attitude and how does he shake it up as he gets older?  And why is the youth not angry anymore?

41:25:  Reporting the news, good and bad.  What kind of hoodie was John Spriggs looking for and the reaction to this on the site and comparing that to the Nick Goepper news a couple of years ago.

Mar 27, 2017

Jonny Moseley was the competitor that brought “New School” skiing to the masses.  While the changing of the guard was happening in skiing on an underground level via the New Canadian Airforce, Jonny took it mainstream, winning Olympic Gold.  Outside of competitions, Jonny was a fixture in early ski movies and has remained an ambassador for the sport he loves.  He dives deep into the details of what made Jonny Moseley successful.

Jonny Moseley Show Notes:

 2:10 The charmed life of Jonny Moseley and what’s up at K2

 4:06:  Glen Plake stories

 7:03:  Born in Puerto Rico

10:45:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

12:02:  Growing up in CA and getting into skiing

13:58:  Inspired by Dan “Squirrel“ Herby and Brad Holmes

16:26:  When skiing gets more serious and winning Junior Nationals

21:00:  Getting on the US Ski Team

22:53:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

23:57:  The sport is changing, are you a part of it?

27:09:  The scene and wanting to be a part of it. 

29:28:  Winning, earning the 360 Mute Grab and becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist

33:37:  Fun partying and growing up after the Olympics

36:36:  Skiing’s New School has fully arrived

38:37:  The K2 Days and the real story of why he left

43:58:  Getting on Head and winning the US Open

46:44:  Mad Trix  

49:16: The road to 2002 Olympic Games,  getting FIS approval on the Dinner Roll, and 4th place

56:43:  Top moments and regrets

1:00:59:  My perception of Moseley shattered over dinner conversation

Mar 20, 2017

Anthony De Rocco has done all there is to do in the Snow Sports Industry.  From engineering, to sales and marketing to CEO.  The “work hard, play hard” philosophy has led Anthony to the peaks of many mountains,  the heart of China and now, the forefront of American Ski, Snowboard, Surf and Skate manufacturing.


Anthony De Rocco Show Notes


2:50:  I ask what life was like as a youth for Anthony. Anthony gives an overview of his career.

4:51:  Getting into snow sports and skiing at Ski Acres (Summit Central)

5:43:  Playing soccer for University of Washington and Gonzaga

6:30:  Getting older and living younger.  Anthony lives by the phrase “work hard, play hard”

8:06:  Scholarships, Spokane and skiing

9:45:  Anthony’s best college story involves a party reptile and meeting his future wife.

11:00:  What happens after graduating from Gonzaga?

12:00:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

13:31:  Being recruited by Notre Dame and University of Washington

14:55:  Working for Boeing, The Robbins Company and finally Olin in 1990

16:30:  The Olin, the early K2 days and the travel that goes along with it.

19:10:  What was his role in the snowboard side of things in the early days?

20:18:  What synergies are you finding between ski and snowboard design in the early days?  How did you learn from each other?

22:30:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots 

23:52:  What was the problem with skiing in the mid 90’s?

25:49:  Executive Vice President of K2, the production shift and being the messenger

29:44:  The travel and how much does it impact the family?

33:00:  2011-2014 CEO of K2.  Did he have CEO aspirations?

34:15:  How did he end up moving from CEO of K2 to running K2 China?

35:00:  How did he get the job as CEO of Mervyn Manufacturing and what’s it like?

36:58:  Green manufacturing, solvents, why Mervyn is the best he has ever seen (Anthony has seen almost every snow sports factory in the world) and American Made.

40:08:  State of the art new offices in Seattle

41:45:  The differences between K2 and Mervyn and getting better every year

43:00:  What’s on the horizon:  Bent Metal, Skis

44:48:  Surf:  Mike Olson driven process that creates counter-seasonal business.

Mar 13, 2017

Leanne Pelosi is known for putting her blood sweat and tears into any project she is a part of aside from working at Earl’s (A long time ago).  She’s been named Rookie of the Year, Rider of the Year and this year won the first-ever Influencer Award.  Leanne’s career and film project can be looked at as a vehicle for the progression of snowboarding and raising awareness for women, both past and present, who shred.


Leanne Pelosi Show Notes:


  :20:    What has Leanne been up to this fall?

5:12     From oil to snowboarding

7:44:    Getting carded in Canada

8:32:    Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with   DCS) 

10:43:   Moving to Whistler against her parents’ wishes and sponsorship the Bieber way

13:30:  Contest mentality

15:35:  Focusing on filming

16:45:  Working at Earls

19:40:  Full Moon movie

20:17:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

25:30:  Loyalty to her snowboard sponsors

27:35:  Gender inequity in snowboarding

30:40:  Best trip ever

33:15:  What does snowboarding need?


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Whistler Blackcomb


Feb 28, 2017

There are few people more passionate about having 8 wheels under their feet than Mo Sanders.  From his professional inline skate days to when he was a featured character on TNN’s RollerJam series, Mo has made a career, in turbulent worlds, that only happen when you have the athletic ability that Mo has.   These days, Mo, also known as Quadzilla, is an entrepreneur and World Champion who globetrots the world getting skaters into shape.

Mo Sanders Show Notes

    :30: Growing up in Tacoma

  2:30: Getting into Roller Skating

  5:45:  Becoming Lanny’s Kid

  8:41:  Who was Mo in High School

10:30:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off               your first order with DCS)

12:00:  The inline boom

20:00:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

21:16:  The death of inline for Mo

24:00 :  Roller Jam

27:09:  Roller Derby is back

30:30:  The need for better derby products

33:30:  Quadzilla can teach and you better come prepared to work

38:30:  The Olympics and Derby


Antik Skateboots 

Reckless Wheels

Heartless Wheels

Moto Bearings

Gumball Toe-stops



Feb 27, 2017

Chris Haffey is part athlete, part stuntman, part survivor.  He’s a professional rollerblader who started getting recognition for his skating when the industry was at its peak and became one of the top skaters in the world  as the bottom was dropping out.  While his peers were leaving the sport to find other ways to support themselves, Chris landed on the Nitro Circus, touring arenas across the globe with a motley crew of bad-asses.


Chris Haffey Show Notes:

1:45:     In Japan on tour with the Nitro Circus

4:45:    Growing up all over the country and getting into skating

7:45:    Daily Bread Magazine days

9:19:    Getting published and shooting as much as he could

10:05:  Evo ad and discount code


11:30:  Was skating something that consumed everything he did?  Was he on be-mag

12:09:  Meeting Chris Farmer in a chatroom

13:45:  Who did he skate with when he was coming up, Brian Bell and Esco Zoo

14:50:  What was High School like for him?

17:30:  What did his parents think about him getting his GED?

19:30:  Did he party when he was traveling to contests?

22:02:  Spy Optics ad and discount code

22:42:  Sierra At Tahoe ad

23:24:  Being a street skater and then transitioning to contests and the differences

26:44: and making money in skating

28:40:  Dealing with people flipping you shit when you skate

31:16:  Park Etiquette  

32:16:  Finding inspiration in skiing and which skiers influence him and Is he familiar with Slvsh

34:37:  What does he think of people looking to him to “save” rollerblading?

37:10:  Fun on the road with the Nitro family

39:07:  How is his body at this point?

41:04:  Will we see another street section from Chris Haffey?

Feb 20, 2017

Sherry McConkey is the most positive, toughest woman I know.  She grew up in politically charged South Africa, traveled the world, and landed in Squaw Valley, CA.  Her story is one of adventure, love, loss and making a difference in her community and the world all while being an amazing role model for daughter Ayla, and the rest of the Tahoe community.

Sherry McConkey Show Notes

2:00:  What is going on right now in Squaw Valley

3:30:  What was it like growing up in South Africa

9:39:  Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

12:08:  Stories of leaving the real world to travel the whole world and find her birth father

18:17:  From Whistler to Squaw Valley, snowboarding and staying in the US

20:40:  First time meeting Shane and the beginning of the future

20:33:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots  

23:57:  What was the first trip like with Shane?

26:54:  Preggo with Ayla

29:15:  Outside TV FREE WEEK

30:22:  What did she think of what Shane did and did she ever BASE Jump?

34:04:  What was Shane’s life like in terms of travel and how was he as a dad?

36:12:  Managing life with two kids in the house; Ayla and Shane

38:36:  Life after Shane

41:06:  The Shane McConkey Foundation


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Feb 13, 2017

Miles Daisher

Show Notes

1:54:  Air Force Brat, High School, College 

6:30   Being a College Mascot and Fraternities

9:30:  Evo and Diecutstickers spot and redemption code

10:46:  Post Grad year in Squaw and meeting Jimbo Fritsch, Jay Mueller, Shane McConkey, Frank Gambali. Kreitler and MC, Primal Instinct Bungee House

15:25 Mentor in B.A.S.E.

18:06 Living in a tent

21:35 Ski B.A.S.E

24:22 Spy and Sierra at Tahoe spots and redemption codes

25:37 Year in Chicago

29:18 Back to Squaw

31:30 Crazy Schedule

32:30: spot

41:16 Instructing

45:42 RedBull Airforce

48:38: Dealing with people thinking he’s selfish/crazy

50:27: Jumping out of planes without parachutes

53:08 Recent video of wingsuit guy crashing into trees and living

Feb 6, 2017

Jason Levinthal has been a visionary in the ski industry for over 20 years.  He's know for brand building genius, blue-collar work ethic and keeping his finger on the pulse of tomorrow.  He started the revolutionary ski company, Line Skis, out of his parent’s garage and eventually was forced to sell his baby (while still managing it and other brands) to The Jarden Corporation.  Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for timely innovation led him to leave the comfort of his corporate check and start again from scratch with J Skis. 

Jason Levinthal, Owner, J Skis

Jason Levinthal Show Notes

:31:  What is Jason up to these days?

1:19: Typical work week for Jason

3:30:  What group did Jason fit into in High School?

5:26:  Jason talks college

7:17:  The foundation of Line Skis

8:39:  Why the name Line?

11:10:  Did anyone believe in Jason Levinthal in the early days?

12:29:  At Ski Magazine tests Jason is asked why is he there and told to “throw his skis down the stairs.”

13:55:  Sacrificing life for the brand

16:06:  Did Jason ever think about enforcing the twin tip patent and working with other brands

21:48:  The Reactor Binding and bindings in general

26:40:  K2 buys Line

28:50:  The future of Levinthal is J Skis

31:10:  Josh Malczyk and his Line and Levinthal history

33:00:  The game-changing development process of J Skis

35:29:  Biggest career regrets

37:42:  What is Jason most proud of in his career?

Jan 30, 2017

Tom Wallisch is one of the best skiers of his time and is still as humble as they come.  From the streets, to the internet, to the X-Games and the big screen, Tom is known for being technical as much as he is known for style.  Pretty impressive for a kid who grew up skiing in MD and PA. 


Monster Energy GoPro Line Skis The North Face Skullcandy Full Tilt ShredOptics

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Show Notes


  1:00:  Breaking his neck mountain biking

  3:06:  East Coast Skiing and being a grom

  9:07:  High North Camp

10:30:  Move to Utah for college

12:16:  Evo and spots and codes. 

13:30:  Winning the Superunknown contest

17:04:  Rail skiing

22:40:  Sketchy urban situations

24:05:  Spy Optic and Sierra at Tahoe spots

26:00:  Sponsors

29:24:  Scholarships

34:45:  Contests and the future of Tom’s skiing

36:50:  Setting trends

39:00:  The world record rail

41:00:  What to expect this season from Tom

43:30:  What others think of Tom Wallisch

Jan 23, 2017

Snowboarding and hard work have done everything for Pat Bridges.  A writer by trade, Pat is also a talented snowboarder who proves the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”  Pat and I talk about developing his writing craft through snowboarding, the theme of his life and the road to Snowboarder Magazine.

Pat Bridges Show Notes

1:21:  What has Pat been up to?

2:19:  What’s a typical week look like to Pat?

3:48:  Who was Pat in High School, how did he get into snowboarding and what else did he do?

5:14:  What happens after High School?

7:48:  Who are Pat’s Snowboard sponsors and what is that life like? Rossignol Uvex Airwalk Scott

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8:55: “The Powell Movement” Sponsor lets you know how to get a free set up as a thank you for listening.

10:56:  What jobs and people helped shape Pat’s career in Snowboarding and what was his secret to writing success?  East Infection Zine

15:12:  What other jobs has he had at Snowboarder and what are his responsibilities as Creative Director?

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21:51: is the place to avoid crowds in the Tahoe area.  Don’t spend a fortune on lift tickets to stand in line wishing you were at Sierra at Tahoe, go there instead.

22:51:  Pat talks about the dream job.

24:49:  Biggest career regret

26:11:  What is Pat most proud of?  Jake Burton Interview

28:27:  Did he wear the half beard in the Playboy Mansion Grotto?  Pat Bridges Half-Beard

Jan 16, 2017

Jeremy Jones is an American badass who has inspired countless people to head to the mountains.  He dabbles in business and politics, but is known for snowboarding.


Jones Snowboards



Clif Bar

Jeremy Jones Show notes:

1:51:  I couldn’t help myself and jumped right into Protect Our Winters and Politics

3:24:  How Protect Our Winters is taking the election, what’s the new strategy and how will they make a difference moving forward?

9:58:  Did Jeremy ever think he would be so involved in politics?

11:17: supports “The Powell Movement” and created a special offer for YOU!

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12:50:  How did Jeremy get into snowboarding?  Where did he grow up?  What was that like?

15:31:  Other sports growing up and what was Jeremy like in High School? 

20:22:  Snowboard racing days and searching for powder on the days off

24:08: is all about the Happy Lens.  If you haven’t tried them out yet, Spy has created a special offer for listeners that makes it an easy decision to pick up a pair of Spy’s.

24:50: is the place to avoid crowds in the Tahoe area.  Don’t spend a fortune on lift tickets to stand in line wishing you were at Sierra at Tahoe, go there instead.

25:28:  Was there big money in snowboarding for Jeremy in the 90’s?

26:18:  What is the transition from being a racer on to riding big mountains?

27:23:  Visiting his brothers in Jackson Hole

29:26:  Riding with Johan.

31:17:  What is the level of snow safety in the early days?

34:34:  Getting the gear he wanted with Rossignol.

36:22:  The fear of creating your own brand.  The launch of

40.46:  The future of Squaw Valley.

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